Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Ladies

e used white ladies funeral home for Bryce's service they are a bunch of lovely ladies, expecialy one lady named Jeniffer she made the second worse day of my life more peaceful and bearable (sorry im not the best speller)

They let us have the service how we wanted it, the didnt push us for the most expencive stuff either,

And also jeniffer out of her own poket got some photos done for us of Bryce as we only had the ones from the hospital here are a few of them

She also gave me several phone calls jsut to see how i was copeing, though the one thing that surprised me the most was she took her weekend during the week so she could be at the service for Bryce (it was on a saturday)
sorry for once again posting about bryce i jsut wantd to share that with you all
once again
take care all
Love sarah


  1. Sarah!
    So sorry for your loss. I'm an angel mom too and have found that writing can be such a help!
    Thinking of you!

  2. Thank you for sharing those precious photos. I am so glad that you have them. The one with the teddy bear is so special.
    Don't ever apologize for posting about Bryce. You post about whatever the heck you want to! This is you space... we are all here to support you.


  3. Hi Sarah,

    The White ladies sound lovely. You pictures of Bryce are beautiful. I think that he takes after you. You can share as much or as little as you want to about Bryce. We read because we want to.

    I am going to say it because its important "Good on you Jennifer".

  4. To share your pictures with us, to me is an honor. It is the one way we keep our children alive by sharing them. Never apologize for that. We here understand you and your feelings. He is so beautiful.