Monday, April 20, 2009


Im so cranky at him, i really am,
i want to knwo what gives him the power to take away someones life? or even worse an unborn childs life? how can he have the right to do that? how does he choose the life he is taking away??

does he jsut pull that babies name out of a hat? or jsut look down on us and say oh ill take yuor baby and your baby oh and why not you look like you really want your lets jsut take yours to?

Im really sorry you guys prolly wont agree with me though i am really angree at him, what gave him the right to take my son form me? didnt he think i could give him a good enough life?
Like yeah he took Bryce away from us then blessed us with another baby Jason, though we almost lost him to, and i voweld that i would never loose jason and if he was going to take jason as well he would have to take me with him,

Though what made our little boy so special?
as selfish as this may sound wasnt there an old person that could of taken Bryces spot? or was that all planned out for him?

I dont understand how that works?
Why do we get to fall pregnent if our bodies are jsut going to take our children away from us? do they jsut want to set us up for heartbreak and sorrow???

then people tell me that he is in a better place now, no he isnt thats what hurts so much a better place for Bryce would be in his mummy and daddys arms, not on a cloud looking over us,

Im really sorry for saying all this, please do not think that i am selfish, i am jsut so angry
I jsut dont understand on how all our children can be taken away from us,


  1. I hear you. I am back and forth with God on that. Why us? No one is going to be mad at you for thinking those thoughts. We have all had them. Unfortunately we will never know that answer and that is what hurts. It will never make any sense to us. I've always been taught to think before you do or say. But this is how I feel too. And if we have to why didn't God think before He broke all of our hearts.

  2. awww /cry ..... i agree why did/does he ave to take such a precious baby away from someone like that??

  3. It's okay to be angry. That is all part of it. It's all so unbelievably hard to understand... I don't think we ever will.