Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby number 3

hey guys so sorry i have been really quite for a while now,
Jason has been keeping me on my toes lol
though yeah about a week ago i found out that daniel and i are expecting baby number #3, i took another pregnancy test this morning and plain as all day there were 2 lines,
Im shocked and scared and thrilled all at the same time i really dont know how to feel,
Im so so so scared that i am going to go into pre term labour again, and i would really love to go full term
I have a doctors apointment tomorrow to get a refferal for an ultrasound, so i can find out how far along i am,
As a few ladies that i have spoken to have said that the + line was really dark for only being 8DPO so either i am further along or its twins,
i guess we jsut have to wait and see