Friday, April 24, 2009

Jason Update :(

ok so DH and I have jsut come back from the hospital this evening from seeing jason,And the nurses told me that he had an xray the other day of his chest, so i asked what the results where and they told me he has Chonic Lung Desise.... um hello... why didnt any one call me and tell me??????and his PDA is still open :( and he is now to old for the medication so the only way to close it if it doesnt close on its own is surgury :(:(:(:(:(:(they told me tht there is a chance that he might be sent homeon oxegyn... though he might not need if for long, though tells me not to get stressed or panik?? like WTF!!!!! my son has lung problems... and heart problems that could be fatel though dont stress??????? yeah right.......

though on some what of a good news We might be bringing Jason home as early as in 4 weeks, she said between 4 to 6 weeks and we shoudl be bringing him home

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  1. Was Jason born premature, is that why he has chronic lung disease. Are you coping with a baby in the hospital and Bryces death?
    You have a load to carry. I hope Jason gets well soon.