Monday, April 20, 2009


I have been having really weired dreams latley, most of them are vivid or they are just stupid

one of my most reacurring dreams is that i bring Jason home and he starts talking i call out to Jason though he answer "mum im not Jason i am Bryce" and then his head turns in a full 360,

So then i will wake up in a full panik

so Bryces Angel day is coming up i am going to be take a few photos of his resting palce, i will up load them then as well,

I recived my "name in the sand request" yesterday off carly they are jsut lovely

Its really amazing what life throws at you, i see a lot of Bryce in Jason and it is upsetting at times, though i feel Bryce around us when we are there visiting Jason, they were nearly identical when they were in the womb, Though Jason was ment to be a twin, i lost his little brother or sister early on in the pregnancey at like 4 to 6 weeks, so Jason is our mirical baby, and we are blessed t have him,
well thts all i can think of at the moment im sure ill be posting more through out today
Take care all
Sarah xxoo

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  1. wow i had no idea jason was ment to be a twin!!