Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I’m sorry i’m not your little angel any more.
I’m sorry I stopped to care
I’m sorry I never stoped to listend to you dad,
I guess it was all just fear.

I no i’m not the little girl i was before
I no im not the little angel that you used to adore.

I’m not the little sweet girl that used to bring you your coffee in bed,
When you had to much to drink and had your sore head.

As i know i’m not as sweet as sugar
But no one goes through life with a golden feather

I’m sorry dad Im not like you
Im sorry our father daughter relationship is through

Im all grown up now

As hard as it is for me to say,

Its time for me to spread my wings

And fly away

You have always been there for me
but now that i need you the most
You want nothing to do with me
And thats what hurts the most

I’m sorry Please forgive me
its time for me to go
Im sorry that i hurt you dad
thats all i needed you to know

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