Monday, June 1, 2009

Jasons Home

Well Jason is now home, he has been home since 30/509 and its now 2/06/09 i am so tired... thins are a lot differant than i thought they would be, i couldnt get him to go to sleep, and i cryed :( i think i am sick, my throat is all swollen, im dizzy tired, nose is running and all i wanna do is sleep,

Jason is now looking alot like his older brother, some nights its really hard to look at him,

Im trying to catch up on sleep though its not really happening,

daniel tries to help out though doesnt really do much he feeds him for me when i am to tired to, though i am stilw aiting for him to helop with withthe house work though i dont think thats going to happen,

sorry i havnt been on much to read other peoples journals and so forth im jsut really tired..


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Good news that Jason is home. I am sorry that you are so tired and sick. Those first weeks of a new baby in the house is very chaotic. I am glad that you are getting some help off Daniel. Don't worry about the housework, from experience I know it will still be there when you have time to do it.

    Has the Maternal and child health nurse been around? They can put you in touch with some great resources.

    Also my friends baby spent a long time in hospital before he came home, so when she had trouble settling him she would just call the hospital and talk to the nurses for advice on how to get him off to sleep. I am sure that they would love to talk to you too, after having Jason in their care for so long they are probably quite attached to him.

    I can imagine that it is hard to look at him and see Jason and not Bryce. My 2 oldest boys were identical for so long people thought they were twins.

    Take care, I hope you get some sleep soon. Love to you today.

  2. I am glad to hear that Jason is home. He is gorgeous. Congrats. I will pray that you get a chance to rest. Those first weeks are very hard if you don't get any rest. Housework? Forget about it. Don't try to be perfect just be the wonderful Mommy that you are. Everyone will understand.