Wednesday, June 24, 2009

every now and agan

Every now and again i jsut sit and wonder, i wonder how life could be and why it has turned out like this?
Everyone tells me that things happen for a reason, and i know this,
So as much as it hurts i think i should/need to let Byce go, i have his stuff around our house that remind me of him i also have his photo up :) and his little brother remindes me jsut of him so in everyway i have bryce around me all the time, it does hurt like hell to let go, though yeah life does move one, and i am sure he would want me to be happy


  1. I imagine life too. It is not fair. It sucks. But he is still with you. He will always be with you.

  2. Oh, Sarah you don't have to let Bryce go. He would want his baby brother Jason to know about him and of course he would want you to be happy and if that means holding on to him then that is fine. Life does move on, but you will always carry Bryce with you in your heart.

  3. Don't let go, don't let people tell you how to feel.

    It's ok to remember and you always will , the loss won't change, can't wish it away. Keep what you need to have with you.

    I remember always what Sam in the movie Sleepless in Seattle says, you breath in and out until it stops hurting to breath.