Friday, December 25, 2009

Second Christmas

Well yesterday was Bryce's second christmas with out us,
it was quite upsetting, i was trying to stay happy for jason as it being his first
though i didnt feel right being happy knowing that he would like to be here as well
Bryce's yellow butterfly came and visited me yesterday before any one showed up and i wished him a merry christmas
the butterfly landed right beside me and sat there for about 10 mins, i new it was bryce, I am sure he would of loved ebinghere if he was able to
i just miss him so much
Merry christmas Bryce


  1. That is an amazing moment. Bryce truly was with you. He loves you very much.

  2. Hello, It is Lisa from Jasper, Forever our first born. I wanted to let
    you know that I wrote your angels name and took some pictures and wanted
    to give them to you. I am doing this for all the angels on the blogs that
    I follow. Here is the link. I hope you like them.