Saturday, October 31, 2009

Missing him Deeply

I seem to be missing Bryce so much more these days,
I have been told by several people that the pain will ease one day, and instead of it hurting i will be able to smile,
I am starting to hate my self, as i am forgetting what he looked like, what he felt like, what he smelt like
I wish that i held him for longer and talked to him more.....
as i know i wil never be able to do this again

its been jsut over 18 months since my special little man grew his wings and wanted to see what heven was like before mummy and daddy,
it still feels like yesterday I miss him so much

i dont go out and visit him as much as what i should any more as its hard to becuase everytime i go out there with Jason he doesnt like it and we have to leave as jason screams the place down,

Im waiting untl i get my comuter back and i will be making a special video of bryce, with the photos of my belly with him, his ultrasound photos the photos that the funeral home got for us and also the photos of his final resting place,
Its going to be hard to make it though i at least owe Bryce that amount of respect

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