Thursday, July 2, 2009

More photos of Bryce

hi girls there isnt a post here jsut photos thank you for taking the time to look
I just cant let go... i know i need to though i just cant, they ssay its ment to get easyer though its not, it still feels like it was yesterday we had Bryce and for them saying they cant do anything to help him "we advise you jsut holdhim until he passes"
i still remember the moment he passed away, and stopped kicking :(


  1. He is very beautiful and i love your tattoo. A tattoo is a really special way to remember your baby, something to keep forever. I have part of a tattoo done for my boys but i need to go back and get it finished.

  2. Your tattoo is really cool. What a great keepsake.

    Bryce is gorgeous, thanks for sharing

  3. Sarah, Bryce was such a cute baby. I'm sorry that the doctor's said that to you guys. I love your tattoo. I can't wait to get mine for my Jasper.